Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I come to Phonics Fun?

Phonics Fun is a place where your children will have fun and learn the sounds and principals behind learning to read. No-one is ever wrong, and our aim is to increase children’s confidence before they start school.

2) Why is Phonics Fun different to other Phonics Learning:

The children are with their peers and are encouraged to play and run and shout! – We have commissioned an amazing illustrator to bring to life characters that represent each sound. The children then play games each week around these characters, to cement their learning of the sound.

3) Are all PF teachers qualified?

All Phonics Fun teachers are qualified.

4) My child is very active, will they need to sit and listen for lengths of time?

No. There is lots of running about and although the children will need to listen to instructions, they are done in a friendly and fun way. The children are playing and having fun, they don’t necessarily know they are “learning”

5) I’d really like my child’s nursery / school to deliver PF classes, what should I do?

Phonics Fun do go into nurseries and deliver Phonics Fun. Have a word with your nursery, or give us a contact name and number and we can see if we can assist!

6) My child has additional learning needs, is the class suitable?

It depends what the additional learning needs are, but broadly speaking, because Phonics Fun is a multi-sensory learning experience, nearly all children can benefit. Please give your local franchisee a call to discuss if you would like to discuss.

7) My child is under three years old, can I still bring them to the class?

We state that the classes are for 3 – 5 year olds, because this is the ideal age, when most children can understand instruction and enjoy playing with their peers. That said, every child is different, so if you think your 2 year old would enjoy Phonics Fun, please book a trial and find out…

8) Can I bring a younger sibling to the class?

Of course. We do encourage parent contribution, and engagement with their child at the sessions, however, we also understand that little ones need looking after too!

9) Do I stay with my child in the class?

We encourage parents to stay, learn and contribute to the sessions. A lot of parents have commented that it is a learning experience for them, so they can assist their child at home, without fear of teaching them incorrectly.

10) What happens if we decide not to continue with PF classes?

Obviously if you decide that it is no longer convenient or that you simply have other demands on your time, you / your child will have still had a fun and engaging time, and learnt some of the phonic sounds

11) When will there be PF classes in my area?

We are a new company, and are excited that teachers are approaching us to teach the phonics fun way! – If you know of an enthusiastic, fun and committed teacher, who would be interested in becoming a franchisee in your area, please urge them to get in touch!

12) I am a qualified teacher who would like to teach PF classes, what should I do?

Get in touch, we would love to hear from you!