Links with EYFS and KS1

Communication and Language at Phonics Fun

mmmEach phonic sound is represented by a loveable character; created by an amazing illustrator. Children love finding objects beginning with the sound hiding in each illustration. The Characters have interesting and memorable personalities, which are easy relate to, inspiring children’s imagination; Muddles the magician monster gets easily confused and his magic tricks often go wrong!

megaphone Children are encouraged to find something at home beginning with the sound and show the class the following week; this encourages confidence in speaking to an audience and also engages the parent in the learning process.

puzzleEach week mystery boxes full of objects containing the sound of the week, this self-discovery has an amazing effect on their vocabulary but also engages, surprises and amuses the children.

Phonics Fun enhances and encourages good listening skills, children learn to hear sounds at the beginning, middle and end of words and in time to blend them together. This is especially crucial for children struggling with talking and communicating in English.

The classes are fast paced and exciting, with periods of concentration and periods where the children are simply having fun.

Physical Development

physicalEach sound has an active game or a craft associated with it, allowing development in both gross and fine motor skills.

Collaboration and turn-taking during team games and independence during individual challenges are important lessons the children learn in our sessions. Games include balancing, target throwing, rolling, kicking and catching, hula hooping, jumping, dancing, crawling, running…and so much more, every week is different.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

hands-inSelf-confidence and a ‘can-do’ attitude are fortified during each session. Teachers are trained to use positive and encouraging vocabulary at all times. All progress is acknowledged and celebrated.

The games are designed and adapted to allow children to feel positive about learning and challenges are always achievable. The games and sounds change, but the formula is the same each week, so the children know what to expect and feel confident and comfortable quickly.

Some of the characters have emotions that the children may feel, and there is always time to discuss how they deal with them. This allows children to become aware of their own feelings, but also those of others.