Phonics Fun Trials

trialsIn initial trials of the Phonics Fun activity sessions, ‘parents and childrens’ phonics knowledge and confidence was assessed by an early years and primary teacher before and after six activity sessions. The results were very impressive:

100% of the children assessed had improved their awareness and recognition of sounds and letters,  on average by as much as 60%.

80% of children achieved high levels of engagement in activities when observed during the forty minute activity classes.

All parents rated their child’s phonics awareness as improving as a result of the phonics fun sessions.

The majority of parents also felt that their own knowledge of phonics and their confidence in supporting their child had also improved.

80% of parents rated their child’s enjoyment of the Phonics Fun sessions as very high or high.

100% of parents rated the delivery of the Phonic Fun sessions as excellent or very good.

“There were lots of dynamic activities which all help to reinforce the sounds and made the sessions fun. I really like this ‘holistic’ type of learning.”