Phonics Fun for Early Years and Schools

Benefits of Phonics Fun Activity Classes

  • All Phonics Fun teachers are fully qualified and will teach your children the correct pronunciation of the phonic sounds enabling them to build in confidence in the often difficult early stages of learning to read.
  • Your children will love being stimulated and inspired by the fun multi-sensory games and activities provided by Phonics Fun.
  • Sessions are delivered at your nursery, at a convenient time: meaning it is stress free for you and the children, as you are all in your familiar setting.
  • You can impress your parents with the children’s development by showing them the pre and post term assessments.
  • Phonics Fun will help you reach your goal of happy confident children.
  • Phonics Fun has spent time researching phonics and the psychology of how and why different children learn and absorb information; this has all been applied in the classes  we teach.

early-yearsAt Phonics Fun we implement the UK Government guidelines for the systematic delivery of synthetic phonics which recommends:

  • Synthetic Phonics should be the prime approach to decoding print
  • Enable children’s progress to be assessed
  • Use a multi-sensory approach integrating visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities
  • Teach blending of sounds right through the word from left to right
  • Ensure that Phonics is the first approach a child uses when reading a word.
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