Teachers Testimonials

 “Experts say that ‘phonics is recommended as the first strategy that children should be taught in helping them to read’ so it is terribly important to get it right. These classes take all the worry out of the world of phonics and put the fun back – children who are relaxed and happy make the best learners and Phonics Fun gets it just right!”

  • Receive children that have developed valuable social, language and communication skills
  • Do not have to ‘re-teach’ badly taught phonics that children sometimes receive in nurseries
  • Have parents that understand phonics and how to support their child with reading
  • Have children with a positive and enthusiastic approach to learning

Teachers quote “The Phonics Fun team are experienced, qualified teachers who specialise in the confusing subject that is phonics. They are great at encouraging the best from the children and explaining the intricacies of pronouncing sounds (phonemes) and writing the letter shapes (graphemes) to the parents and children. Their resources are beautiful – from wooden, handmade, giant jigsaw letter shapes to the Phonics Fun character, who hides a letter shape for the children to find each week. Each 45 minute class uses all the senses to enhance learning and, therefore, meets every child’s learning style. For example, this week we learned about ‘ch’. The activities included making a cheery pompom, tasting chocolate Cheerios and playing a changing chairs game. The children also used chalk to make the ‘ch’ shape.”

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and how phonics is taught and assessed in schools