Welcome to the New Term


It was wonderful to welcome all our new smiling faces back for a new term of Phonics Fun. Lots of our Phonics Fun children have started school now and we hope they are showing off their sound knowledge. Luckily we had lots of new faces and a few returning who are not starting school for another year!

We had a wonderful time meeting Phonics the Sound Hound and learning the /t/ sound. We tunnelled for treasure with the Troublesome Tiger Twins and even made the /t/ shape with our bodies on the floor. We are all off now to find /t/ on road signs and a capital /t/ in the Tesco sign. Let me know how many you find, and don’t forget to hunt around the house to see if you can find something beginning with t,t,t,t, that you can bring in to show me next week! Have a good week, and Phonics and I look forward to seeing you all next week.